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Automation Training

We offer Automation trainings with at least 50% practical exercises. Our strength is to convey knowledge between software and "real" applications

Training for educational institutions, technical academies and companies

We are today in colaboration with STI.se (Stockholms Tekniska Institut)

We offer

PLC training, HMI training and Frequency Inverter training

Tailored Automation training for your need at our facilities or at your plant

We take it from scratch! From digital knowledge to system addressing

We offer

Servo & motion training, SCADA training and Advanced PLC training

Our founder has been very active in the development of the "STI-Ingenjör Automation" education and is today member of the management group for this specific education. This is our way of giving back to our society! 
To be able to keep a high competitiveness within our society, the development of Industrial Automation has to increase. It is our duty to keep the interest within Industrial automation at a high level for the next generation